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Stainless pipe fittings require good finishing to look good and last longer. It is the constant contact with water that makes pipes and fittings rust and lose their original color. However, thanks to technology, you can give your pipes and fittings a new lease of life. Like any other project, you will need tools and materials to put finish to the pipes and fittings. punkpower have all the power tools and power tool accessories you need for a plumbing job so visit punkpower.co.uk to gather your supplies

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Tools and Materials Required for Finishing Pipes and Fittings

Some of the tools that you will need include a putty knife, spray bottle of water, tape and rug or sponge. The materials required include mineral spirits, pipe cleaners and paint. You can choose the kind of paint you want depending with your choice of colors. After assembling the tools and materials required, select the type of finish you like from the following options.

Types of Finish Used in Pipes and Fittings

The market offers a variety of methods used for finishing pipes and fitting. Therefore, you can choose the method that blends with the other appliances in the home. Finishing does not necessarily require you to hire a plumber. Overall, regardless of the method of finish you select, you must start by preparing the pipe or fitting. Use a putty knife to remove of any stickers and spread mineral spirits on the surface of the pipe for easier removal.

Black Iron Finish

Apply a thick coat of paint on the pipe to form the foundation and ensure the joints and the threads get enough paint. You can use Valspar Manhattan Mist texture paint for the first coat. Then take a sponge and dab a second coat of Valspar Cabin Plank paint so that the pipe looks mottled.

Thirdly, use Valspar Lincoln Cottage Black for the third coat by applying sparingly it on the pipe using a sponge. Next, dilute Valspar Cinnamon Cake paint with water and use a spray bottle to shoot a mist all over the pipe. Finally, dab the pipe with sponge to remove water residue and allow the pipe to dry.

Copper Finish

Apply a coat of leather brown spray paint and give it sometime to dry. Then spray a second coat rustic umber paint and let it dry. When the two coats mix, the texture coat hardens giving the pipe an aged copper look.

Steel Finish

Gather the tools of work including the paint then apply a coat of thread-locking fluid and give it about sixty minutes to dry. Spray an even amount of galvanized finish and give it sometime to dry also. Then use silver spray paint as the final coat and ensure the paint covers every inch of the pipe.

Finishing your pipes and fittings not only gives them an appealing look but it protects them from rusting as well. The benefits of maintaining pipes and fittings outweigh the cost because well-maintained equipment will serve the user for a longer period of time. In addition, proper finishing of stainless pipe fittings alleviates the need for frequent replacements hence cutting on overall costs.